business and life goals for christians

11 Realistic Business and Life Goals for Christians

Life goals and business goals for the Christian who wants to live with purpose As a Christian entrepreneur, it’s really important to set business goals and life goals if you want to live and run your business for the glory of God. Goal setting is an important activity, unfortunately, many people ignore it, or even …

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christian work at home moms

How to Find Time for God: 7 Tips for Christian Work at Home Moms

Simple ways to find alone time for God as a busy Christian work from home mom As a Christian, you know the importance of spending time with God, but for busy work at home moms, finding the time to be alone with God can be a big challenge. So what’s a mama supposed to do? …

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how to run a christian business

How to Run a Christian Business: 6 Essential Things for Success

Some key ingredients you need to run a successful business as a Christian What do you need to run a Christian business? How do you become a successful Christian entrepreneur? If you are a new Christian business owner (or thinking of starting a business), and you’re asking questions like the ones above, I want you …

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biblical financial stewardship

7 Practical Ways to Demonstrate Biblical Financial Stewardship

Simple and biblical ways to show you are a good financial steward Biblical financial stewardship isn’t a phrase to throw around just to sound spiritual, profound, or self-righteous. Financial stewardship places an obligation on you to manage money and other resources and to act as God’s steward. As you can see, this isn’t a small …

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