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why do christian businesses fail

Why do Christian Businesses Fail and How to Fix It

Reasons why Christian businesses fail and what you can do to avoid it There are many reasons why Christian businesses fail, but there are some things you can do to avoid it. Before we dive in, let me explain what I mean by “Christian businesses.” A Christian business is a business that’s owned by a …

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biblical sales principles

6 Amazing Biblical Sales Principles To Try Right Now

Sales principles from the Bible that are easy to follow and very effective The Bible isn’t just a book that tells us how we should live, it also tells us how we should run our businesses, and it contains lots of biblical sales principles that actually work! A lot of entrepreneurs don’t think they can …

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starting a business god's way

Starting a Business God’s Way: 6 Simple Rules to Guide You

Simple rules you can follow to help you start a business God‘s way If you’re thinking of starting a business God’s way, you may be wondering what that means or what it entails. Starting a business in a way that honors God isn’t a vague or abstract idea. There are some things you can do …

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seeking god to start a business

Seeking God to Start a Business: 7 Important Things to Watch Out For

Some things you should consider when you are waiting on God to start a business While seeking God before starting a business is a good thing, that doesn’t mean you should ignore some of the practical aspects of starting a business. When God calls you to start a business, he expects you to do some …

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kingdom business principles

Top 6 Kingdom Business Principles You Need to Master

Fundamental principles for building a successful kingdom business It’s good you have decided to build a kingdom business for the glory of God, but you need some principles to guide you. I have seen a lot of business principles come and go, and I have tried quite a few of them myself. Like a lot …

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