biblical entrepreneurship

Biblical Entrepreneurship: How to Run a Business God’s Way

Some principles of biblical entrepreneurship every Christian business owner should know As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to conform to worldly business practices, but as a Christian, it’s important that you follow biblical entrepreneurship principles so you can continue to stand firm in your faith. (Romans 12:2) When you start a business, your goal and expectation …

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christian business coach

How to Choose the Best Christian Business Coach for You

Tips to help you choose the best Christian business coach for your business so you can keep growing Choosing a Christian business coach can be a bit of a dilema since there are lots of business coaches and mentors out there. How do you narrow them down? How do you know which ones will deliver …

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biblical keys to success

5 Biblical Keys to Success for Christian Entrepreneurs

What are some biblical principles for success Christian entrepreneurs can use to grow their business? As a Christian entrepreneur, it’s important to know the biblical keys to success when you’re trying to grow your business. While there are many paths to success, not all of them are ethical or recommended for a Christian business owner …

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christian business owner

7 Daily Practices for The Christian Business Owner

Daily routines for Christian business owners to help you stay motivated and inspired As a Christian business owner, you face many of the same challenges as non-Christians. The difference between you and the non-believers is how you navigate these challenges. As an entrepreneur, it’s important to have some daily practices or routines to help you …

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christian entrepreneur

5 Habits of a Christian Entrepreneur (That Sets You Apart)

Can you be a Christian and an entrepreneur? What sets you apart from other business owners? Being an entrepreneur is the same in many regard whether you are a Christian or not, but the key difference is how you approach entrepreneurship. What I mean is, how do you run your business? What are your values? …

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