Business Startup Advantage Workbook

A practical and easier way to create a plan and take action

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Starting a business is about having the right information...

You have probably been thinking of starting a business for a long time. Or perhaps, you already took the first step but you still have a lot of questions about the whole process, and you'd like some more information. If you are like many new or aspiring business owners, you are probably thinking:

  • What if I make some mistakes?
  • What are the challenges business owners face and how will I deal with them?
  • How do I prepare to be a business owner?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of starting my own business?

First, I want you to know that these are all valid questions. And, what do you know? Some of these questions have stopped many aspiring business owners from moving on with their dream.

But it doesn't have to be that way for you. 

You can achieve your dream of becoming a business owner if you have the right information and you know what to expect. Starting a business starts with getting the right information, then taking action on what you know.

And, you don't even have to figure out everything on your own because I have done it for you.

Introducing the Business Startup Advantage Workbook

A Proven Way to Take Action and Get a Head Start

The Business Startup Advantage Workbook will help you think through some important questions, so you will feel better prepared to start your business.

With this workbook, you can start preparing for some of the most common challenges business owners make, so you will be ready to overcome them and minimize their impact.

This workbook will help you answer some of the most important questions you need to ask before starting a business. The answers to these questions can make or break your business.

Use this workbook to outline your reasons for starting a business, what investments you need to make, how you will stay motivated, and how you will hold yourself accountable in your business.

If you are ready to take the next step toward starting your business, or you want to feel more confident before you launch, this workbook can help you do all of that and more.

Here's what you can do with this workbook:

  • Outline your reasons for starting a business.
  • Identify the advantages and disadvantages of starting a business
  • Assess some of the challenges you are likely to face and how to deal with them.
  • Identify some common mistakes business owners make and how to prevent them.
  • Come up with a plan to help you prepare for starting a business.
  • And lots more...

The Business Startup Advantage Workbook is a useful tool to assess how ready you are to start a business. It will also help you figure out the answers to some tough questions.

It features ideas and questions that will help you think through the challenges of starting a business, mistakes to avoid, and how you to set yourself up for success.

Here's what you get with The Business 

Startup Advantage Workbook

  • 20+ pages.
  • Questions to help you assess how ready you are to start a business.
  • Prompts to help you brainstorm solutions and get your creative juices flowing.

Frequently asked questions

Who is this workbook for?

This workbook is for anyone who is thinking of starting a business and wants to get as much information as possible. It's also for new entrepreneurs who feel they need to return to the basics.

Do I need the Business Jumpstart eBook to use this workbook?

Short answer. No, you don't. However, you will get the most out of this workbook after reading the eBook. 

How is this workbook delivered?

This is a digital product. You will have access to the product right after purchase.


What if I have other questions?

Send an email to and I will be happy to help you!


Can I get a refund if I change my mind? 

Due to the nature of this product, I do not offer refunds. Please feel free to contact me if you are unhappy or have any questions. Email me at


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