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smart financial goals

12 Smart Financial Goals to Make You Financially Stable

Smart financial goals examples for anyone who wants to become financially secure Many people dream of financial stability, but what they lack are smart goals. To become financially secure, you need clear, achievable goals and a commitment to achieving them. Without well-defined financial goals, you will find yourself spinning your wheels and unable to change …

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trusting God for financial miracle

Smart Strategies When You Are Trusting God for a Financial Miracle

Practical things you can do when you are trusting God for a financial breakthrough When you are trusting God for a financial miracle, there is a tendency for some of you to remain passive. But, waiting on God doesn’t mean you have to be passive. In fact, I believe taking action is a sign of …

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biblical financial stewardship

7 Practical Ways to Demonstrate Biblical Financial Stewardship

Simple and biblical ways to show you are a good financial steward Biblical financial stewardship isn’t a phrase to throw around just to sound spiritual, profound, or self-righteous. Financial stewardship places an obligation on you to manage money and other resources and to act as God’s steward. As you can see, this isn’t a small …

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biblical money management principles

6 Biblical Money Management Principles Every Christian Should Know

Some money management principles from the Bible for Christians looking to improve their finances Can you apply biblical money management principles to your finances and still be successful? What does the Bible say about money management? These are some of the most common questions Christians ask about their finances. Like many of you, I grew …

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biblical financial principles

6 Biblical Financial Principles For Wealth and Peace of Mind

Timeless biblical principles of finance every Christian should follow There are lots of financial principles out there, and many of them can be found in the Bible if you look closely. But as a Christian, when you make financial decisions, it should be based on biblical principles and nothing else. That’s why it’s so important …

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