Ready to create a simple monthly marketing action plan?

The Monthly Marketing Action Plan will help you outline your goals and map out your strategies and tactics for the month, so you can focus on the things that really matter, and get the results that you want.

Wouldn't it be great to identify your top goals, strategies, top platforms or channels, and your marketing budget each month?

What if you could outline your content marketing plan, and determine the types of content you'd like to create and how often to create them? What if you could also plan where and how to promote that content?

With the Monthly Marketing Action Plan, you can plan your content marketing strategy, determine your social media marketing strategy, and identify potential challenges, so you can come up with a plan to overcome them. And, there are lots more you can do with it!

This action plan is perfect for you if...

  • You want to promote your products or lead magnets effectively across different channels or platforms.
  • You want to up your social media game by creating and promoting your content consistently, so you can attract your ideal audience.
  • You need to come up with an effective email marketing plan including choosing the best types of emails to send and how often to send them.
  • You are interested in creating a funnel marketing plan, and keeping track of how well your funnels are doing.

The Monthly Marketing Action Plan 

Will help you plan your marketing activities each month, so you can sit

back and focus on executing your strategies.

What you'll find inside the Monthly Marketing Action Plan:

  • 29 pages
  • Monthly marketing overview.
  • Content marketing plan.
  • Content marketing strategy.
  • Social media overview.
  • Pinterest overview and marketing plan.
  • Facebook/Instagram overview and marketing plan.
  • Email marketing plan.
  • Email weekly schedule.
  • Business stats tracker.
  • Monthly marketing budget.
  • And more...

Create a Monthly Marketing Plan and Control Where

and How You Spend Your Time and Resources

Plan your content marketing strategy, create an SEO optimization checklist, content creation checklist, and content promotion checklist. Outline your daily and weekly marketing tasks and identify your top priorities. Keep track of your business stats including website traffic, email subscribers, and social media followers. Take the stress out of marketing your business with an organized marketing plan. 

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